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Core Team

kW Engineering Inc. is an independent provider of energy engineering services specializing in assessments of energy savings potential in commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities. The firm provides engineering and technical assistance to utilities, agencies, and private customers in the areas of energy efficiency and renewable energy. Founded in 1998, the company is based in Oakland, CA and has a staff of 40. The company currently provides field verification inspections for the California Solar Initiative in PG&E’s service territory and project application review and inspections in SCE’s service territory, as well as providing training and feasibility studies for renewable energy projects statewide.


SolarNexus, Inc. provides a centralized workflow and project portal site to facilitate collaboration within the solar deployment ecosystem. The SolarNexus platform offers installers of residential and small commercial solar systems an easy to use web-based tool to automate the selling, designing, managing, paperwork, and maintaining of solar projects, without the need for complex IT deployments or upfront costs. The company, led by software and solar industry veterans, also operates the SolarHub website.


SaveEnergy123 helps building-owners navigate the complex decisions to be made in order to improve energy efficiency and lower costs. Their Software as a Service (SaaS) recommendation engine guides consumers through a home energy audit, proposes and helps the consumer prioritize and schedule energy efficiency projects, and connects building owners with providers of products and services. also presents extensive video and text education on energy efficiency and the latest technologies.


Extended Team

Solmetric is a supplier of hardware and software tools for solar installers. Its product offerings include: the SunEye shade analysis tool, the PV Designer solar system design software, and the PV Analyzer string and module IV curve tracer. For more information visit:

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