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IEP Model 2.0

The 2.0 release of IEP Model represents a significant re-design of the original schemas defined in 2010. Some goals of the re-design:

  • Structure XML similar to JSON (For example, multiples of any object are grouped with collection elements)
  • Enhance modularity
  • Support a set of solar PV use cases, verified through commercial implementations (supported by DOE SunShot project)

The 2.0 release represents the maturation of the 2.0 Preview release which was taken through multiple commercial implementations resulting in many enhancements.  It also includes an initial evaluation release of support for structural analysis relevant to permitting PV systems. This is intended to support PV permitting compliant with the California Governor's Task Force on PV Permitting A 2.1 version will follow-on to reflect any changes found to be required for commercial implementations.


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