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FAQ about the IEP Model

What is the IEP Model?

The Integrated Energy Project (IEP) Model standardizes interaction between project stakeholder software applications by defining a standard interchange format and best practice interface guidelines. It provides a comprehensive, standardized definition of projects that leverage energy efficiency and demand response measures as well as solar energy production. This will simplify and streamline the process, reduce time and costs for both consumers and contractors and remove a key market barrier for the adoption of both energy efficiency measure and solar energy.


What are the goals of the project?

The proposed project will directly contribute to increasing solar PV adoption in California by:

  • Developing an integrated energy efficiency, demand response, and solar PV (EE/DR+PV) data model that allows California building owners to make informed decisions around ROI for comprehensive energy solutions that include PV systems, and to effectively manage the implementation of these projects through a communication and management process among relevant service providers.
  • Improving the proportion of right-sized PV installations, lowering cost and increasing penetration rate.
  • Increasing the number of residential and small commercial service providers offering integrated EE/DR+PV projects by making it easier to develop and implement them.
  • Reducing the time spent by stakeholders in initiating, evaluating, specifying, purchasing, and implementing EE/DR+PV projects
  • Educating California building owners of the value of integrated EE/DR+PV projects.


Who is working on the project?

kW Engineering of Oakland Ca was the original prime contractor, with partners SolarNexus, Inc. and SaveEnergy123.

SolarNexus is the prime contractor for the DOE SunShot project, with participating companies: Verdiseno (, Clean Energy Experts, EnergySage, Brooks Engineering, Tigo, and Locus.

More information on the companies can be found here.


Who is funding the project?

The project is funded by the California Solar Initiative RDD&D program, which is overseen by the California Public Utilities Commission.


Who are the target users of the IEP Model?

Applications and websites used by consumers and contractors involved with the deployment of energy efficiency and solar energy production projects in residential and light commercial buildings.

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